Jewelry & Miscellaneous Works from my 2006 museum exhibit
Egyptian Chased Gold Vulture Pendant Amulet
Egyptian Chased Gold Sheet figure of Isis
Egyptian .999 Pure Silver Cloisonné Pectoral of Horus-Re with Carnellian Inlays
Misc. Carved Egyptian Amulets
Egyptian Gilt Wood Papyrus Charm Amulet
Egyptian Cast Gold Jewelry
Egyptian Cast Silver Ring
Egyptian Mudseal Impression as found in burials. This example is from KV-62, the tomb of Tutankhamun.
Egyptian Hand Carved Gabled & paneled Portable Chest
Egyptian Painted Limestone Ostracon
Egyptian Carved Ibex Comb
Egyptian Paneled Incense Box
Egyptian Carved & Gilt Sacred Shrine
Egyptian Cubit Rod On Hieratic Papyrus
Egyptian Thrown Pottery
Egyptian Ivory Magic Wand
Egyptian Artist's Pallet
Egyptian Ritual Censor
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All images © Peter Chiappori 2011-22

As you can see I love everything ancient Egyptian.  Artistically it was a natural place to start.  I love realism because it's brutally honest.  It connects us with the past, fascinates us & moves us forward.  I've had several exhibits at the Kenosha Public Museum in their treasures gallery & teach there part time.  If you really want to understand my philosophy, personal training and ideas you can click on the button for my artist's statement:
More About Me
If you don't care much about my philosophy you can see some links about my exhibits via some news clips & here.  I was also a finalist for a sculpture centerpiece in California and continue to humbly accumulate accolades from various groups as the years go by.
Sculpture, Fine Art & Illustration
Robes of an Egyptian Priest

I fabricated this from a REAL antique Amur leopard hide.
The lining has a silk screened pattern of gold stars. The gilt
head is carved from a single piece of fir with enamled inlays.
The claws are carved from bone & are individually 
stitched in place. These robes are worn over the shoulder &
can be seen in all manner of ritual use throughout
pharaonic times. This example is virtually unique today.
Enter Kemet Workshop
My friend, Egyptologist Prof. Otto Schaden 1937-2015.
With Egyptologist Dr. Otto Schaden at the entrance to KV-10, Egypt
Drawing the Baulk Wall in KV-10, Chamber F/G, 2018 Season.
Me, Alistair Dickey & Salima Ikram
Examining walls in KV-10 Chamber C.
The KV-10 Crew 2017 Season. Can you find me?
Ancient Egypt is more than a passion. I've spent a lifetime of serious study of the culture.
So, if you would ask...

How Involved Am I With Ancient Egypt??...  Some Egyptologist Friends... While WORKING at KV-10
Votive Statue of Osiris in Cedar with Copper Emblems
Close up of Osiris Votive Statue
Apuat (Wepwawet) Standard with Gilt & Painted Details
Detail of Apuat (Wepwawet) Standard
More Carvings in Wood from my Kenosha Public Museum Exhibit

Anubis embraces the deceased for his journey into the afterlife. A soul joins with its body.
A soul passes a gate. A hymn to Thoth, the god of scribes.
The Hall of Judgement
The heart of the deceased, where the soul resides, is weighed against the feather of truth.
A priest performs the "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony. Transforming into a divine hawk
Making the final journey into the stars as a transformed soul
Anubis embracing the mummy outside the tomb to help enter the afterlife
A soul reunites with its mummy
A soul travels through a gate in the afterlife
The deceased's heart, where its soul resides, is weighed against the feather of truth
A transformed soul makes the final journey into the stars
Text from transforming into a divine hawk
Below is a 4-meter (14') papyrus scroll I created of the Book of the Dead. It is called the Am-Duat in Egyptian meaning "What is in the Underworld." This version has only 8 of the 183 known chapters. The text & vignettes come from the Ani papyrus but with grammatic corrections. It took months for me to make this using traditional pigments & reed pens. It certainly gives one an idea of how lenghty a process it was for ancient Egyptians in this life to get into the next!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries you may have about architecture or art services.

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* Some of my sculptures were made on the grounds of Bosman Monuments in Kenosha, WI.  They are excellent craftsmen of granite memorials. Click on their name to visit their website.

* Children's Museum of Indianapolis - On Permanent Display   3000 N. Meridian           Street, Indianapolis, Indiana  317-334-4000

Links to more sculpture & art websites will follow. So check back soon!
My space at Bosman Monuments... lots of stone chips & room to carve. My canopy (in the background)  was blown over in a wind storm but luckily no damage to any sculpture!
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