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Sculpture, Fine Art & Illustration
Creating authentic spiritual items for practicing kemetics
& discerning collectors of custom & traditional art

Anubis embracing the mummy outside the tomb to help enter the afterlife
A soul reunites with its mummy
A soul travels through a gate in the afterlife
The heart of the deceased, where the soul resides, is weighed against the feather of truth.
A priest performs the "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony. Transforming into a divine hawk
A transformed soul makes the final journey into the stars
Plastics are polluting the globe via waterways to the oceans & food supplies. Unlike wood their manufacture creates large carbon emissions. Even polymers are choking landfills & don't retain carbon for slow release. After many years creating spiritual objects it became apparent that authentic items, necessary to kemetic spirituality, were virtually non-existent. Statues, shrines, devotional instruments & art have been mass-produced, generic lumps of thoughtless plastic & resin without any regard given to correct form, materials or workmanship. My creations are not fakes or facsimile. THEY ARE ORIGINALS made from traditional geo-friendly sustainable & recyclable materials. I am providing the same services as the ancient craftsmen. I believe all proper objects should be able to get a positive nod from any Egyptologist.  The discerning buyer should not be limited to pre-manufactered toxic trinkets. Such ritual/devotional objects should look, feel & BE authentic in every detail, created BY HAND, not by a non-thinking machine from polymers & plastics. All my items are also properly consecrated. So help the earth & buy authentic materials & properly recycle. The future is in your hands.

Materials, Authenticity & Originality = True Spirituality
Custom Devotional Papyrus Hymns
Produced in genuine hieratic with vignette using traditional carbon black ink & reed pens. To any deity, I will use or find an original verse or create one of your choosing.  Approximately
 14" x 5" (34x12cm)
 $25. + S & H
I will produce any text & transcribe it into correct hieratic on papyrus. I use all correct purification techniques as have been copied in the Judaic traditions. AmduatBook of the Dead spells or classic pieces with B&W or color vignettes as is appropriate at $95. / foot (add $40. / foot for cursive hieroglyphs) + S & H. These are all handmade using real carbon-black ink. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, please return the item & I will provide a refund, less postage, within 15-days. These are made for your faith or collection. They are superior to any pre-made printed or screened object, otherwise I wouldn't be making them. Same goes for any wood, stone or metal item as well.
Example of cursive hieroglyphs... much more time consuming, but beautiful & befitting for the most ceremonious of uses.
Simple cords with hook clasps come standard. Authentic beads  in correct materials & shapes are important. Some I currently have include turquoise from Serabit el-Khadim, lapis, garnet, carnelian, serpentine, agate, bone, wood & gold-plated or polished brass spacers, glass & seed beads.  The photos here are but a sampling of the possibilities. Since these are custom made for your amulet, & I obsess in obtaining the best materials, prices are on a "quote only" basis. Many styles available pleasing to all deities. I'll send photos for you to decide what's best for you. $20-30 is typical for most 18" or smaller.
Amulets are the easiest way to honor & protect. Apotropaic or pious, I cast metals by hand using lost wax originals. Copper, bronze & ceramic are authentic materials but I will cast in pewter & chase in brass affordably. The point is they're all made & finished by hand. I'll custom make anything in metal or ceramic for your kemetic arsenal with the greatest attention to detail. These are cast, cut, carved & chased by me... they are original.
Custom copper, bronze, or pewter or first time chased brass (see Nekhbet below)start at:
 $75./$90 + S & H  $80. in any metal if in stock, $60. in ceramic
Granite is the most perfect stone for devotional stelae. Limestone is  much softer & pourous but is still an appropriate material.
Polished etched granite approx. 10" x 13" x 1.2" (25 x 34 x 3cm) is shown below with slightly "ragged" edge. All dimensions will vary due to material availability, but all are about $400. + S & H
Wepwawet Detail
Shedshed Serpent
"Words of Wepwawet"
Stelas are etched in hieratic with an actual hymn & scene of the diety of your choice. These are the most personal of devotional objects. If you're having difficulty deciding on texts & scenes I will assist you through the stone cutting process. It's necessary. Once it's written in stone... well, you may know the saying. Even our ancestors made mistakes.
The above stela is a modification of the Wien AS 198 text but remaining true to the original:
 "Hail to you Wepwawet, Bull of sacred offerings, Lord of provisions; Great of the Ur-uret crown who came forth from the womb of his mother Nut to receive the white crown. Eldest god who came forth (already born) wise & Geb commanded his heritance. Great god, Lord of Re-setau, grant to those a place by you and the souls of the nobles who are behind you."
CUSTOM STATUES I'll custom carve any statue any size.
Whether wood or stone everything is hand cut & the most pleasing for the spirit of god to recognize & inhabit. Wood is less expensive & quickly formed. Stone is the ultimate material meant for eternal recognition. 
Sekhmet photos
White cedar votive to Osiris text:
The words of ___ triumphant:
Descend down upon me, my mother Nut,
that I may become one of the imperishable stars
(that are in you) as Osiris, forever.
I'll insert your name on this piece if you so desire. 13" H (30 cm). The oak base reads:
The great god Osiris, who dwells in the west,
the beautiful one, Lord of everlastingness,
the traverser of eternity.
$395. + S & H
White marble Sekhmet

This larger hand carved statue has fine detail ready for a temple niche. The base reads:
Sekhmet, the great wife of Ptah (the creator),
The Lady of heaven.

Click on her for more photos.
Asking $1,000. + S & H, O.B.O.
Dieties don't belong in a car trunk or travel case. House them properly in a REAL shrine. Made from mutiple woods with pinned doors. Can be black, stained, carved, gilded or ornamented per your specifications. This example is 20" x 15" x 10" (50x37x25cm) & is up for $800. + S & H (shrine only).
Custom sizes are encouraged for your deity. Write me.
KHA SHRINE 20" X 15" X 10"
Only for the most serious of devotees prepared to administer this most holy ceremony correctly. ~~~ Strict attention is given to properly consecrating every object & instrument ~~~
Alabaster Jars 4"-5" (10cm):
Cut in Egypt, finished by me - $50. ea. or                               set of 4 for $200.
Pesh-en-khef knife 6" (15cm) pine:
Without gilding or textured finish - $65.

Adze approx. 12" (30cm) pine:
Single or two-piece with blade - $170.

Ur-Hekau wand +/- 24" (60cm):
Carved cedar & pewter uraeus - $299.

Ritual finger 4" (10cm):
Carved walnut - $40.

Magic ivory "knife" +/- 6" (15cm):
Cut from genuine non-banned warthog tusks with your choice of symbols - starting at $650. depending upon complexity. (No idea how long I can keep getting tusks) 
Due to the hand crafted nature of my work, any of these items may take longer than 4-6 weeks to make depending upon demand, complexity & available materials. If a delay exists, or is pending, I'll let you know upfront. There are always variations in materials so what you get will be unique... just like any original. Yours will be equal or better than shown. God is in the details... and materials.
Ancient scribes had many styles of palates. They were used in writing & marking objects ritually. Custom palates from natural walnut are the finest available. All have pen slot & ink depressions. Typical 10" x 2.5" x .75" (25x6x2cm) with some pre-cut tipped reeds. All are dedicated to Thoth on the reverse: $90. + S & H$5. more for embellished "shen" wells, ocher or white, or shellac finish. These are personalized with any inscription of devotion you desire.
Typical Adze. Sizes & finish will vary slightly.
Ur-Hekau heads are carved, painted & shellaced. The pewter serpent inserts separately.
Ivory wands can be etched with scenes of your choice.
Ritual Underworld Pylons. The only example of these enigmatic carving come from KV-62. Here in black resin with gilt details $250.
A. Standard palate, embellished & inscribed with shellac finish $95.
B. Artist's palate for specialists who embellished papyrus with vignettes & color $150.
C. Reed pen holder, turned, carved, gilded, painted & with carved ivory knobs (POR)
D. Writing board 5.5" x 10" with gesso face to wash off & reuse. Stained poplar $90.
E. Turtle shell bowl (died from natural causes) $45. depending on availability. Sizes vary
Carved from a single piece of spruce (tamarisk family), gilt over gesso with enamled inlays & back-painted eyes behind domed acrylic, layered painstakingly by hand over a period of days: $450. + S & H Can customize further with names or inscriptions. Flat reverse is stained or gilt.
Handmade & hand-carved from the finest hardwoods. These are real working examples with correct 7-palms & 28-fingers being 52.3cm long... 1/440th the base dimension of the Great Pyramid of Giza  Starting @ $350. + S & H .
CLEARANCEScroll: Eight chapters from the Ani papyrus Coming Forth by Day on a 14' (4m) long extra heavy papyrus. Chapters: 72 rubric, 89, 91, 175, 125, 23, 78 & 69. A labor of love that was months in the making. Has blank spaces throughout each chapter for the name of the deceased. 
 asking $2,400. + S & H
A masterpiece that belongs in a museum, or in a house of eternity.
I have spent a lifetime studying the spititual customs of the ancients, creating items as a continuation of the spirit that inspired them thousands of years ago. It is with great joy I offer my services to others of like mind. Please view the following knowing they were crafted by pious hands. Enjoy your visit. Please sign the guest book below!
While the arrangement of this page may not be the best, it is my intent to expand & simplify things if interest & positive comments create a sustainable demand. Thank you for looking. I welcome your thoughts.
Hymn to Wepwawet:
Praise & adoration to you Wepwawet. Lord of Abydos, heralding the power of Re-Setau, singly himself.
Homage to you bull of sacred offerings....
(six more lines finish the verse) from the Wien AS 198 Stela
I also have the finest frankincense in rock form from Somalia & Dufar. For the most serious to everyday ritual. Every object is also consecrated with the same tears of the gods.
A unique final vignette having the deceased's shadow, ka & akh entering the stars on a solar barque, between the lions of yesterday & tomorrow supporting the sky.
It is my hope that these works will edify & enlighten all who see & experience them. This site was designed as a venue for custom art & devotional items of traditional materials & form. Everything on every page is available for sale. Please visit all pages & remember that each piece is unique & hand-crafted for the most demanding
collectors of quality.
Please feel free to leave input & comments in the guest book. They will direct the production of all current & future items.
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"I am the bennu who is in the land of Iunu"
Hymn to Bast:
"Praise to you the great cat Bast,
kissing the earth as the protectress of children before the great god Pre: Oh peaceful one, who returns to peace, grant to me that I may see (what is in) the darkness of your making.
May there be light for me so I may see your beauty;
turn to me mistress, at your holy temple in Bubastis, when you are at peace.
The peaceful one who knows a return to peace, grant to me & my ka eternal life, prosperity & health;
Grant me a place with your followers and the strong ones who are behind you."

Though the body of this hymn comes from an 18th dynasty stela found at Dier el-Medina, I've added snippets of text to make it appropriate for the ever popular Late Period goddess & her attributes in hieratic. All in carbon ink as shown:
14" x 6"     $40.
These can display the full range of 28 deities or just the labeled divisions for ritual use as a votive to Thoth, the keeper of cosmic knowledge who measured out the heavens & earth. All can be customized with special dedications, double cants, gilding, etc. for a truly unique piece. A sacred device that built the Egyptian empire.
Egyptian Papryus Scroll
Egyptian Amulets
Custom Statues
Egyptian Shrine
Egyptian Ur-Hecau
Egyptian Palate
Egyptian Cubit Rod
Sometimes the need for a scroll is mandatory. Long writings demand a bigger book. The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor was a classic that Egyptian scribes copied for millenia.
Here is just a taste of an inspired 4-meter long modern copy with all the flair of an ancient original. The text comes from the oldest known 4th dynasty tale.
Recreated in Old Kingdom hieratic with rubric.
Asking  $800. or best offer 
...this is a COMPLETE copy with
scribal dedication.
Please email me for additional photos.
Due to the specialized and custom nature of these products, prices & shipping may change without notice. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL me for a quote. Thank you!
These hardwoods mimic original grain & texture. Each cubit is custom-carved & can display devotional texts, asterisms, apotropaic formulae....even a complete calendar! Every cubit is absolutely unique and have been sent worldwide. These can become whatever your imagination desires. My cubits have been & ARE on display at such places as the Indianapolis Children's Museum & the Kenosha Public Museum. Craftsmanship that is unsurpassed anywhere.
Proper divisions as Djehuti designed them....