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"Shadow Play" Pencil Portrait Rendering
Lion Head Detail Pencil Sketch from the Funerary Bed of Tutankhamun
Catherine Deneuve Pencil Sketch
Quick Thumbnail portrait in Pencil
Animal Dog Pencil Sketch of "Skipper"
Cindy Portrait Pencil Sketch
Pencil Portraiture
Armorial Bearings of a Sea unicorn rampant & reargardant
Armorial Bearing Design of a Deutsches Adler
Knocked-out Tank Watercolor
Abandoned Tank Watercolor
Charcoal Pencil Tree Sketch
"Faceless" Sharpshooter Soldier Pencil with Wash Details
Ink arms designs
Pencil & Wash
Sculpture, Fine Art & Illustration
Ink Sketch of Chateau Chambourde
Ink Sketch of French Chateau
Ink Sketch of Hadrian's Villa - Italy
Ink Sketch of Karlskirche - Vienna
Architectural thumbnails in Ink
Pen & Ink Drawing of "Black Diamond"
Pencil Sketch of "Sleepy"
Ink Portrait
Pencil Sketch of Winged Amazon with Shield & Spear
Miscellaneous pencil & ink fantacy & life drawing sketches
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Lion detail
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~~~A Note about artistic approach~~~
While most graphic artists today are using computer generated images, I too am well versed using these tools but prefer traditional methods & techniques.  Though creating "by hand" is generally more time consuming, there is a special quality in art that cannot be achieved with software.  The beauty of a freehand line, a colorful brush stroke in the light, or especially the feel of a hand-held chisel being hammered over a stone sculpture.  Anyone can see the difference in the executed piece.  Thankfully there is still a place for those who understand & appreciate finer works that can only be done in this manner.

As an architect, I have an advantage of putting ideas to paper with great precision & detail graphically.  The process, however, is still abstract as the final product will either represent or become something three-dimensional.  I constantly use this method with every  idea.  As much as I plan ahead, though, the finished piece will always differ in some way.  It is the nature of the medium, especially stone.  What finally appears is a new beautiful object of art that has revealed itself.  I'm always amazed at the results.
Kapitän Leutnant Lithograph Pencil
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Egyptian Mural inspired by the Tomb of Nebamun in Thebes
Egyptian Mural inspired by the Tomb of Nebamun in Thebes
Mural Detail of a egyptian cat on the hunt
Scene on African Savana
Mural of Mountains in Nepal
Detail of Nepal Mural Vegetation
Commissioned Wall Mural Paintings  ~   8'  x  14'
Example of fiber art. Hand embroidered banner in silk, satin & gold bullion. The main sea-unicorn has batting to provide depth. The entire edge is surrounded with gold & black metallic fringe.